About iGindis


About iGindis
iGindis will develop the best Artificial intelligence games for mobile.
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Army Commander II improvements:
1. Color characters & easy play.
2. Sound & animations.
3. Alliance leader decide the alliance policy.
4. Allies can send gifts to each other and get bonuses.
5. Game auto-reset after 10,000 turns passes & winner enter to the hall of fame.
6. New war options, war actions cool-downs and organized war room.
7. Achievements & Notifications.

Middle East Empire 2027 improvements:
1. Sound & animations.
2. Very fast turn passing.
3. New war options.

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There are few ways you can help us:
1. Tell your family and friends about our game.
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4. If you find a bug in the game then please report it to us and we will give your country a nice bonus.
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6. Make video or cool image and publish it on facebook or other leading social media.
7. Write us new ideas how to improve the game.

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