The alliances in the game are defined by the color you choose at start and can be very important for your future in the game. Each alliance can contain hundreds and thousands of players.
When clicking on alliances you have the option to join your color alliance or be freelance.

Can attack everyone and everyone can attack him. By default you are defined as freelance

Join alliance
Become a member of an alliance - all for one and one for all!
As member your will be able to see all the members of the alliance and send them messages.
You will need to follow the alliance relations policy. You can send regular spy operations on members of other alliance that the policy define as War, Cease-fire, Hostile. You can attack only members in other alliances that your alliance leader define the policy as State of War.
You cannot attack or spy on members of your alliance or send regular spy operations on friendly alliances.
The number of total alliance members will update once per day when the alliance leader is chosen!

Leave alliance
You can leave the alliance and become freelance again. If you spy on or attack someone and you will not be able to rejoin to the alliance for 24 hours.

Leader of alliance
The most powerful leader of the alliance will automatically become the alliance leader and can be replaced once every day when the ranking list updates.
As leader you will have the option to define the alliance relations with other alliances.
The relations type you define can affect the game greatly because all your alliance members can attack only countries that your alliance is at war with and can only send regular spy operations on countries that your alliance defines as war, cease fire or hostile.
* By default at the start all the alliances are at war to each other and you can change it.
* You have option to contact other alliance leaders.
* When an alliance leader is replaced the policy and leader speech do not change until the new leader changes it.
* You might get many messages from your members in your alliance or other alliances for what actions to do and as top leader you will need to decide on the best way for your alliance to succeed.

Alliance policy
The policy effects only alliance members and not freelancers!
* The alliance leader defines what alliance you can attack.
* As alliance member you cannot attack leaders that your alliance leader does not allow. You can always leave the alliance and attack whoever you choose. But you will stay alone without big alliance that protect you.
* If your alliance leader defines an alliance as friendly you will not be able to send regular spy operations against leaders with that alliance.
* The alliance leader can be change every day and because of this the policy can change so check who the alliance leader is and what his agenda might be.
* The alliance leader speech is the leader agenda so make sure you read it when you join the alliance.

Change your alliance
You have the option to change your alliance.
It will appear once every 72 hours only when you are in freelance mode.
If you have spied on or attacked someone in the last 24 hours you will not be able to join alliance.

Alliance Forum
Will allow you to find new friends around the world and to coordinate attacks with your allies. (Messages will be deleted after 7 days)

Alliance leader have option to kick member from the alliance for 2 weeks.
As alliance leader you can kick up to 5 members per day.
Kicking from alliance will delete all messages related to that member.

Alliance Anthem
Alliance leader can add anthem to the alliance using that will be shown and heard to all alliance members when visiting the alliance page.

Alliance Bank
* All members in the alliance can donate money to the alliance bank.
* The alliance leader decide what to do with the money and to whom to give it. (Alliance leader cannot send money to leader that did war action in the last 24 hours)
* Everyone can see the list of who donated to the alliance and to whom the alliance leader sent the money.
* You can donate max $100,000,000 every 24 hours.
* Alliance leaders can use the money to send it to other alliance members only.
* Alliance member can get aid once every 24 hours.

Joint Alliance Attack
Up to 10 alliance members can make big jets bombing raid on one country.
* Cost 10 turns to start joint attack. (Only by the joint planner)
* The attacker is the joint planner...same attacking roles as any war action.
* The planner can plan one joint attack every time and need to choose target country.
* The joint planner choose what the minimum force for member to join to the attack 100-5,000 jets. (The member loan the jets to the joint planner until the attack will end)
* The joint planner can anytime send the attack from the alliance joint attack screen.
* After the attack is over all jets survived the attack will fly back to their original country bases.
* Everyone can see the joint attacks results in the world news screen.
* The joint planner need to recruit as much members to join and use the Joint Alliance Attack in less than 72 hours or the joint plan will be disbanded.
* In case the join plan disbanded all jets will fly back to their original country but the turns will be lost.
* From now if U.N. request pass that Everyone must attack the country it will allow Joint Alliance Attacks also if the planner attack before the join plan disbanded.
* If you are the joint planner we suggest you that you do not wait too much time to send the attack because the system will not allow you to send attack if the target country is too weak or strong to your power.
* You cannot change alliance if you sent jets to joint attack. You will be able to change your alliance only after the attack.
* Joint planner can disband the attack or remove specific members. In case of disband or removing member all jets will return to the origin country.
* Case planner country lost in the game than all the jets will be destroyed.

Joint Alliance Attack Battle results
All the alliance jets will try shoot down as many enemy jets to clear the sky and make all ready for land invasion.
All alliance jets VS same number of enemy jets
The leader that has higher jets technology levels will have a higher chance winning.
In case of winning the enemy can lose many: Jets
The minimum force for the attack: 100 Jets
Maximum force that sent to attack: 50,000 Jets
If you using this war action you cannot use other Total War action until the cool down will over.