United Nations
The United Nations (U.N.), as in reality, can have a strong impact when there is enough support for your request.
U.N. can have the power to change things in the game only when other leaders participate.

You can propose new requests to the U.N. every 3 days. If after 3 days your request does not have a majority the proposal will be removed from the U.N.
If your request gains a majority it will become a U.N. resolution and it will be active for 3 days. After 3 days your resolution will vanish into the book of history.

Sending request in the U.N. cost 10 turns

U.N. Requests
If the request become resolution what will happen?

Everyone must make peace with the country
For 3 days no one can attack the target country and the target country cannot attack anyone.

Everyone must attack the country
For 3 days everyone can attack the target country with no rank or total power limitations.
* Only Deep Sea & Joint Alliance Attack war missions allowed.
* In case the target country have resolution everyone must make peace than no one can attack the target country.

Everyone must help to restrict arms in the country
For 3 days the target country cannot buy/sell weapons from the market.

Everyone must stop relations with the country
For 3 days the target country cannot send/get gifts.

Everyone must help economically to the country
For 3 days each money aid sent to the target country will be doubled by the World Bank.

Everyone must ban all economic relations with the country
For 3 days nobody can send money aid or resources aid to the target country

We demand to put in court the leader of the country
The system will change the color of the target country to gray and will remove from alliance.
* The target country will not allowed to join an alliance for 14 days.

We demand that everyone breaks all treaties with the country
The target country will be banned from the U.N. for 3 days.
* The target country cannot vote or send requests in the U.N. at this time.

U.N. rules
* Your country can join the united nations after one week passes from the time you joined the game and only if you have more than 50 million in power.
* Leaders can send one request and cannot send new request until the request become resolution or gone.
* You cannot send the same request type for the next 7 days.
* You cannot change your vote.
* Requests that do not gains a majority will be deleted one hour after time pass.

Leader that lose in the game.
The leader requests on other countries will be deleted.
The leader resolutions on other countries will stay.
Requests and resolutions on the leader country will be deleted.

Security Council
The Security Council built from the alliance leaders in the and they have great responsibility because they get messages from other leaders that require intervention.

Members of the Security Council will have the following advantages:
* Each vote will count as 10 votes.
* Do not have limits to send one request every time.