Here you can manage your country’s relations with other leaders and send aid to your allies.
Contact other leaders by sending them in-game messages and read messages you have received from other leaders.

Click to send a message or read the messages you have received from other leaders.
The messages will be deleted 7 days after the opponent reads them.

Mark up to 7 leaders as allies. You will then have the option send and get from them daily aid packages.
If you do not have allies yet in the game then click on the option to invite and send your family and friends game invitations.
To mark ally just enter your ally Country ID and the system will send request from you.
If the leader approves your request then you will be allies and can send & receive gifts.

Send Gifts
Send gift packages to your allies.
* The gift package contains extra turns.
* You can send a gift package once per day to all your allies and get up to 7 aid packages every day.
* Do not forget to click it every day so your allies will get gifts from you and in time of need you will get help from them.

You will get extra bonuses in the game when you and your allies send to each other gifts every day.
For every 7 gifts you and your ally get from each other you both will get extra turns bonus.
The bonus will be given when clicking on claim gifts button.
If you did not get gifts from your ally then the bonus will be on hold until you both get from each other 7 gifts.

Invite friends
If you love the game please help us by telling your family and friends about Army Commander II and earn bonuses for every player that join from your link.

How it’s working?
Just send your referral url to all who you know and invite them to play in the game.
Once someone clicks on your url and joins the game, your account will automatically be rewarded with the bonus.
Bonuses: +15 spies for each player that joins our game.
Bonuses Extra: +30 turns, +50 land for each player that have more than 50 million power.

Send aid
You are allowed to send aid to stronger or weaker countries than you and help each other in case of war.
Action Type - Turns Needed - Cool Down
Send Aid - 7 Turns - None

* You can send aid only to your marked allies.
* Can send max $99,999,999 every time.
* If you got aid than you are not allowed to send aid in the next 24 hours.