Range of powers in the game.
The ranking table is updated every day and your rank depends on your leader power.

Your total power is calculated by: military power, technology power, money and land.
Here you can see also the game Hall Of Fame.

Hall of fame
You can see it in the ranks & power screen.
The hall of fame has records of all past era's and their winners.

Color characters
Colors in the game have a meaning, the leader color can tell you a lot about him. Important to remember that in the start of the game the player need to choose the favorite color

Black - Disciplined, strong-willed, opinionated
Blue - Intelligent, responsible, self-reliant
Cyan - Idealistic, faithful, sentimental
Green - Benevolent,service-oriented, scientific
Magenta - Intuitive, spiritual, insightful
Orange - Fun-loving, action-oriented, competent
Pink - Affectionate, compassionate, romantic
Red - Ambitious, energetic, extroverted
White - Individualistic, lonely, low self-esteem
Yellow - Optimistic, expressive, people-oriented