Buy Package
You can continue to play with your current country status or you can upgrade your country to be a superpower.
By purchasing one of the packages you support iGindis to continue developing great games.

Army Commander II is a free game.
However, in order to pay for the servers, further development and effective support we need your help.
By buying packages you help us cover these costs.
Thank you for your support!

Buying packages rules
1. In case you did war action you can buy only one package in the next 24 hours.
2. You cannot buy a package if you have many turns.
(Please make sure you using the turns before buying packages)
3. You can buy a maximum of 3 packages every day.
4. Rank 1 cannot buy packages.
5. Ranks 2 to 10 allowed to buy one package every 12 hours.
6. If you lost you cannot buy packages until you will restart your country.
7. No refunds and in case of chargeback your account will be locked until you will solve the payment issue and we will consider giving back power to the countries you harm.

Supporter is your leadership insurance..
In case losing in the game you will keep 70% from your technologies..
* When new Era start the technologies of everyone will be reset no matter if you have supporter..
As supporter you will get 1-7 extra turns as daily bonus. (When you get them when you claim gifts from your allies).

It's important for us to give you better service.
Please take few minutes and fill the following feedback.
Using this feature will earn you a one-time bonus of 5 free turns.

Extra Turns
You will be able to get free turns by completing some tasks
Watch a movie or an advertising, complete a survey or just register and do some actions.
After completing a task the system will automatically give you the extra turns.