Army Commander II
You begin as the leader of a small country and through diplomacy, strategy and skill you’ll expand your rule over the entire world.
Your goal is to ultimately become supreme to all others and lead thousands of players worldwide.
Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire, both economically and militarily.

The Story
The creation of a new earth has begun, and with it, the greatest war for world domination. You strive to be the leader of the most powerful country on the planet. However, at the same time, thousands of others have begun pursuing the same goals. Your success will depend on mastering and commanding a successful military operation. Prove that you are the best!

Army Commander II Account
We need to collect your basic information to create your unique account in our system.
Your Army Commander II account is based on your email and cannot be replaced.

Protection for new players
Every new player gets protection at the start.
* Protection from unconventional ballistic attack for 3 days.
* Uzbek Guards protection for the next 3 days.
* Safe Bank and Blackout protection for the next 24 hours.

Land & Money
Land is necessary for your country’s growth as it gives you money per turn used.
1 land = $100 money in the game so if for the example you have 100 land you will get $10,000 money every turn that passes.
You can obtain land in two ways:
* Send your army to conquer land in another country.
* Accumulate 11 land every 99 turns are used.
If you have 0 land after been conquered you will have option to start over as new player.

The multiplayer game uses a turn based system.
Every 20 minutes you will receive 1 turn.
The turns are used for almost every action in the game.
If you do not have enough turns then just wait until you have accumulated more turns.
You are not required to be in the game to accumulate turns.
The system will recognize your leader name and will automatically calculate the time since your last visit and calculate turns available.
The maximum number of turns a you can get is 72, but you can store up to 365 turns.
You get your land income when you use your turns. (Going to war, sending spies, buying weapons…)
After you perform an action the system will enter a cool down phase and after the cool down is finished you are allowed to perform the same action again.

Military factories will allow you to produce additional military units.
* Factories will produce new units every turn (see chart).
* You will actually receive the new units, when 100 turns have been used. The Factories chart keeps track of the turns you have used.
Example: 100 tank factories will produce 10,000 tanks per every 100 turns used with value of $10,000,000.
* You may destroy your factories to clear some land, but there is no reimbursement of the purchase price.
* You may always conquer another player's free land. However, if your enemy has no clear land, the appropriate number of his/her factories will be destroyed to satisfy this requirement.

Action Type - Turns Needed - Cool Down
Buy/Sell units - 1 Turns - None
Satellite operation - 5 Turns - 1 hour
Send Aid - 7 Turns - None
Spy regular operation - 5 Turns - None
Spy frame operation - 10 Turns - None
Total War - 25 Turns - 3 hours
Border Skirmish - 6 Turns - 1 hour
Bombing raid - 7 Turns - 30 minutes
Navy attack - 10 Turns - 45 minutes
Deep Sea - 12 Turns - 1 hour
Blackjack - 7 Turns - 30 minutes
Storm At Sea - 10 Turns - 45 minutes
Stealth Attack - 10 Turns - 45 minutes
Artillery Barrage - 8 Turns - 40 minutes
Seek And Destroy - 8 Turns - 40 minutes
Ballistic attack - 10 Turns - 4 hours
Joint Attack - 10 Turns - 3 hours
Buy technology - 3 Turns - None
Buy/Destroy factory - 3 Turns - None
Sending U.N. request - 10 Turns - None

Ranks & Power
Range of powers in the game.
The ranking table is updated every day and your rank depends on your leader power.
Your total power is calculated by: military power, technology power, money and land.
Here you can see also the game Hall Of Fame.

Check leader
You can check the leader for more information by clicking on the flag color or by clicking on the button check leader if its showing.
You will be able to do all actions on the leader from that screen and you will have option to go back to the place you was before by clicking on the arrow back.

Daily system update
Every day the system runs a script that updates the players ranks, alliances leaders, train spy activity, adding 72 turns to the server, removing read news and messages, checking when can player change color again and give bonus to dedicated players for sending gifts to each other.
The script run between 00:10AM-01:10AM CST which is between 6:10AM-7:10AM GMT time.

Game Main Screen
In this screen you can see turn number, your leader name, total land and money you have and your rank in the game.
You can also see how many units you have and buy or sell by clicking on the units image.
Selling units will have 20% deduction in price so be careful when selling units.
In the top you can click on Extra button or Ranks & Power button.
Troop base price = $100
Tank base price = $1,000
Jet base price = $10,000
Anti Air battery base price = $2,500
Ships base price = $50,000
Submarines base price = $55,000
Artillery base price = $700
Helicopters base price = $5,000

Losing the game
You can lose the game if spies from another country assassinate you or if you have lost all your land.
In this case you will have option to restart as new player.
When restarting you will lose everything you had. (Army, Technology, etc…)
After restarting you can see in the game news what happened. (We keep for you messages, news, allies information, etc…)

Winning the game
The winner is the country ranked number 1
The longer you stay rank 1 than more respect you will get from worldwide players.
In the end of era only ranks 1,2,3 will enter to the hall of fame.

Resetting the game and end of era
The game will be active for 10,000 turns and after the game will auto restart. You can see how many turns have passed by clicking on the Player Information screen
When resetting the world all the players start as new players. (Will be message about it for few days after connecting to the game)
Resetting means that all your army, technology, news, messages will be gone and you will start over like everyone else.
Rank 1 will enter to the hall of fame as the winner of this era and his name will be recorded forever.

Army Commander II is a free game
However, in order to pay for the servers, further development and effective support we need your help.
By buying packages you help us cover these costs.
Thank you for your support!

Help us add your language
Help us translate Army Commander II to other languages.
If you are a dedicated Army Commander II player as well as proficient in both English and second language please send us email. We will be glad for your help.
Thank you :)

When you complete an achievement the system will record it in the achievement list and than you can claim your reward.
The ranks achievements will unlock when the game will have more than 1,000 players.

You can define what kind of notifications you want to get from the game to your email
By default you will get all kinds of notifications and you can change it in the player information screen click on notifications or by disable them by clicking on the email link to unsubscribe.
Type of notifications you can get: new era, war news, spy news and new message.

You can switch on/off the sound from the main game screen by clicking on the sound image.